3 Ways Midsize Companies Are Leveraging Online Video

In many blog posts, write-ups and other editorials, midsize businesses are lumped together with small businesses. Even the definition of a midsize business is debated amongst web users. Medium businesses often get overlooked and are perceived as having the same obstacles and business objectives as small businesses. This is not entirely true. Though there are some similarities, medium businesses should be in a class of their own, with stories, tips and other information created specifically for them.

*For the sake of this article, we’ll use SMB Group’s definition of a midsize business: 100 to 1000 employees.

If you’re part of a midsize business, you obviously have traction in your market. You’ve introduced your product, identified your consumers and have seen success in the form of revenue. At this point, you’re focused on grabbing market share and maintaining the constant growth your company has been experiencing.

Your online video marketing efforts should reflect the state and size of your business. Now that people are purchasing your product/service, how do you connect with them on a deeper level and foster retention rates while still increasing awareness? Produce concept videos, behind the scenes clips and video guides/how-to’s for your consumers.

Concept Videos

Even though you no longer need to explain or introduce your product to consumers, constantly generating awareness is a must. You can do this through concept videos which are less instructional and more commercial-like. These spots often have themes and are produced similar to a television show or movie.

Otterbox, an innovator of protective solutions for mobile devices, created concept videos for many of its products. The spots tell a story while also highlighting the protective features of the case.

Behind the Scenes

Eileen Fisher, an American clothing designer, founded the American women’s clothing retailer, Eileen Fisher, Inc. in 1984. Since then, the company has grown to 800+ employees and earns upwards of $300 million annually. Having passed the initial awareness phase, Eileeen Fisher released a slew of video content to keep clients and potential customers engaged with the brand.

Behind the scenes clips help to develop consumer-brand relationships. These videos also humanize the company and offer a level of transparency that purely branded videos often lack.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at an ad shoot featuring casting call contest winners.

Eileen Fisher even gives viewers a behind the scenes look at how and why the clothing lines are created.

Video Guides/How-To’s

So people have your product…now what? You show them the best way to use it! Keurig, the leader in single-cup coffee brewing technology, has a YouTube channel dedicated to its products and as well as informative how-to videos. From crafting the perfect latte to cleaning your brewer, Keurig has you covered.

An example from the channel:

This is just another way midsize businesses can use video to maintain connections and relationships with consumers.


Midsize businesses, though similar to small businesses, have their own unique challenges and business development goals. In hopes that you will use this as a resource, we’ve provided you with examples of medium-sized companies that have used online video to create stronger relationships with customers and maintain incremental growth.


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