Take a Truth and Run With It–It May Just Help Your Content Go Viral

It’s all about women today—two viral sensations, Dove’s “Camera Shy” and HelloFlo’s “Camp Gyno,” have received millions of views in past weeks largely due to the truth behind the advertising.

Dove’s viral video is an extension of its “Real Beauty” campaign, which encourages women to recognize their natural beauty. In the spot, girls of all ages shy away from the camera, covering their faces in embarrassment. “When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?” appears on the screen before a montage of young girls smiling and showing off for the camera.

The YouTube video has over 17 million views and 65,000 social shares. The idea for the spot came from a global brand survey which found that 65% of women were more anxious about having their picture taken and uploaded than speaking in public (47%), going on a first date (44%), or going to a job interview (41%).

Dove talked to real women and used their opinions to create an online video marketing campaign. This led to the creation of a relatable commercial for women all around the world. Most of us have hidden from a camera at some point in our lives, whether it was because of a bad hair day or our lack of confidence. Many of us tend to forget that, as children, we loved the camera’s attention. So when did we stop thinking we were beautiful? Dove takes a poignant truth and reminds us we didn’t always used to be so camera shy. The company’s message: Be your beautiful self.

The next viral video from HelloFlo deals with a subject many women try to avoid: the dreaded period. The company’s video tells a laughable story about the first girl to get her period at camp. She becomes the Camp Gyno, giving out tampons and other period-related advice. But the power goes to her head, and soon she’s losing followers to HelloFlo—a service that sends care packages (tampons, pads and candy) when that time of the month rolls around.

In four days, the video earned 3.4 million YouTube views and 120,000 social shares. The menstrual cycle is a huge truth women have to deal with on a monthly basis. Most of us can remember our first few experiences with the crimson wave, making this commercial incredibly relatable.

The humor and innocence in this viral video contrast the tone of most feminine product commercials. The company’s goal is to make a woman’s period experience easier. The upbeat spot conveys a playful tone, enforcing the message that HelloFlo can make your period less of a burden. By taking a truth and adding a little exaggeration and humor, HelloFlo created a viral sensation and connected with millions of women across the country.

Ultimately, incorporating a wide-spread truth into branded videos will make them more relatable. The more relatable a commercial is, the more likely people are to share it—an essential factor in creating viral content. Though truths may sometime seem obvious and overdone, they’ll help you connect with consumers on a deeper level, driving interactions and social shares.

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