Do More With Technology…Oh, and Be More Dog: O₂ Shows You How

Welcome to O₂, or Telefónica Europe, a company that provides mobile, fixed and broadband services in UK, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In its current campaign, 0₂ urges you to be less cat and more dog: “Be open to amazing new technology and what it can do. The more you try, the more amazing things you’ll experience. You never know, you might just like it,” claims the company website.

But what’s truly innovative about this promotion is how O₂ is using online video marketing to drive viewers to its site where they can interact via mobile phone. The branded video has 2.4 million YouTube views and 115,000 social shares. Yet surprisingly, the video has very little to do with the service 0₂ offers. It instead proposes a change of mind—to seize the day and try something new. Check it out:

The call to action that follows the clip gives you two options: Go Play or Go Explore. Take my word for it, you want to Go Play. Click on that link and it takes you to the 0₂ site where you can play Frisbee with the cat from the video via your mobile phone.

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Here I  am playing the multi-platform game. I would not recommend checking this out at work, it’s very distracting!

I was very impressed with the interactive game, as were many of my co-workers. I had never heard of O₂ before, but these campaign elements encouraged me to take a look. The viral video piqued my curiosity and the Frisbee game led to a connection with the brand. It prompted me to actively seek out information about the company and its products.

Using subtle branding and a teaser of sorts in its viral video, O₂ captures viewers’ attention and directs them to the company site where they are engaged by the Frisbee game. As the first form of contact most companies have with a potential customer, an online video has to generate curiosity and encourage further consumer-brand interaction. O₂ successfully utilized viral video as a gateway to awareness, engagement and ultimately sales.

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