rabt: Your Own Personalized Mobile Video App

Launch. Watch.

“rabt is your personalized mobile video app that offers the fastest, easiest way to discover and watch videos on your iPhone or iPad. Just launch and instantly watch a custom tailored video feed based on what YOU like,” states the app’s description.

This app hit the iTunes store Monday and people are already raving: “Just downloaded it and have to say that does exactly what it says…gives you customized content to watch. Great app to spend some time with during those long wasted hours on the subway!” said user Habadabs.

With this mobile video app, personal preferences determine the content displayed. When the app is first downloaded, it presents a graphical quiz in which two pictures appear. You must then choose one over the other. This allows the app to gauge a person’s tastes and tailor video content accordingly.


While the app draws content primarily from YouTube averaging three minutes in length, other sources are supported as well. To further hone in on a user’s preferences, the app places a red (dislike) and green (like) rabbit over each video. To move on to the next video, you have to select one or the other so the app can keep up with your personal tastes in real time.


According to rabt’s CEO Yiannis Broustas, This immediate feedback and response is what differentiates rabt from other services like YouTube recommendations.

The upvote/downvote system takes it “a few steps further than YouTube Recommendations,” Broustas said. “The model [YouTube has] is good, but we take it further; [YouTube] Recommendations are based on what you’ve watched, but they’re often missing context,” he explained.

If you aren’t keen on waiting for the app to ‘get to know you,’ you can always select which categories the app draws related videos from. Obviously, sharing a video across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email is just one click away.

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rabt is a free app available for iOS with an Android app in the works.

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