MixBit: New Video App Allows Users to ‘Create Videos Together’

YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen announced in April that they would be working on MixBit, a video app which lets users shoot 16-second videos, with the ability to combine 256 clips into an hour-long video. Launched on Thursday, the app is now available on iOS and will hit Android app stores in September.

Obviously with the overwhelming popularity of Vine and Instagram Video, MixBit needed an exceptional differentiator. Well here it is: With MixBit, social interactions and video collide. People have the ability to take other users’ clips and incorporate them into their own video creations.

Additionally, editing features set this app apart from Vine and Instagram Video. You can cut and rearrange clips and also have option to save drafts before publishing. Once you do hit publish, the video will enter public domain for others to remix and use.

“MixBit.com is a community of creators,” Hurley said in a blog post. “People who want to record and share pieces of their lives and the things they love—concerts, favorite foods, trips to new places, or just hanging out with friends and family—as well as filmmakers, citizen journalists and everyone in between. MixBit is also for people who enjoy playing with video in order to create something new and unexpected.”

Here’s one of the many MixBit videos uploaded on the site. In the player, the multi-colored bar toward the bottom marks each individual clip in the video.

There is definitely an opportunity for brands to advertise through the app. Companies can collate user-generated content and display it as branded content or even create their own projects which users can remix. There is unlimited potential when it comes to your content’s exposure. There’s no telling how many people will take bits and pieces from your video to create their own.

Vine and Instagram Video have the advantage of catering to people’s short attention spans with their time limits. Most of the videos on the MixBit site are long and I found myself losing interest. Over time, I’m sure users will fine-tune the editing and creative aspect, but for now sitting through some of the videos is difficult.

We’ll see how MixBit measures up to competitors as its fan base grows. Video sharing is the hip, new trend and MixBit may have entered the playing field just early enough to attract a sizeable following.

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