The Hamsters Are Back With Redesigned Bods for the Redesigned Kia Soul

On screens across America you’ve seen them driving through city streets and dancing with giant robots—the Kia hamsters are back to introduce the redone 2014 version of the Kia Soul.

This iconic group of furry friends has represented Kia’s brand for the last four years, racking up millions of YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of social shares. Now, in Kia’s new spot from ad agency David&Goliath, the hamsters are working out and shaping up.

“It’s sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated than ever. And we’re not just talking about the 2014 Kia Soul. The formerly frumpy Kia Hamsters have totally transformed themselves into lean, mean, head-turning machines, much like the all-new Soul,” reads the YouTube video’s description.

This video launched yesterday and already has over 100,000 YouTube views and 32,000 social shares. The ad will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday and appear on 33,000 movie screens nationwide starting August 30. The video features Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” the hit single she will perform for the first time live at the awards show.

“The hamsters always have their paws on the pulse of pop culture,” says Colin Jeffery, D&G’s executive creative director, who directed the latest spot. “With the help of Lady Gaga, some current fashion trends and our friends at MPC VFX, we introduce a sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated Soul. The hamsters don’t look too shabby themselves.”

The hamsters are “totally transformed,” just like the 2014 Soul, according to Kia—the new model has gotten bigger inside and more refined with less road noise and an improved ride.

Though this ad will resonate with young consumers, Michael Sprague, Kia’s executive vice president of marketing, expects more from the ad: “It will connect with a broad range of consumers, not only Gen Y who like the funky style and their ability to take their friends with them, but also to an audience that still wants to be youthful or youthful minded,” he said.

This ad has the potential to go viral—the video view count has been steadily increasing all day. Keep a look out in the next few days, you may see this video rise to the top of viral video ad charts across the web.

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