Dallas Mavericks Piggyback on Geico’s Viral “Hump Day” Commercial: Today, We’re Looking at Parodies

Geico’s “Hump Day” commercial has over 11 million views and 2.3 million social shares—it’s no wonder then that the Dallas Mavericks decided to parody this viral hit in an attempt to sell more season-ticket packages.

The original ad

The parody

AdWeek recognized the parody, which earned 560,000 views and 57,000 social shares in three days, on its AdFreak blog today. Because most people have seen the original Geico ad, they’re more prone to check out the parody.

Marketers know that a good parody is powerful. It evokes strong emotions and motivates viewers to pay attention. It also has great potential for virality—the mocking humor of most parodies encourages sharing and conversations across multiple platforms.

One of the most popular parody campaigns is Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing is Already Here,” which picked on die-hard Apple fans while promoting the Galaxy SIII. The campaign earned 39 million combined YouTube views and drove millions of social shares as well.

People love parodies. The sarcasm and wit behind many of these video ads drives heavy consumer engagement and social interactions.

On the flip side, parodies that make fun of advertisements have become extremely popular. CollegeHumor recently released this beauty that targets commercials from Apple, Microsoft, Google, and other big tech players. It’s been featured on sites like Mashable, Adweek and other marketing blogs.

Even us advertisers don’t mind making fun of ourselves every once in a while. john st. advertising launched this parody in 2011. It received over 2 million YouTube views and 405,000 social shares.

As you can see, when executed properly, parodies have the power to entice viewers and produce substantial results.

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