Nissan and Fiat Dive Into Digital

In case you haven’t noticed, online video advertising is huge. YouTube, Instagram Video, Vine, and other video sharing channels are attracting more and more users every day. Obviously, many companies have started to take advantage of these outlets to promote their brand’s message. For example, in their new campaigns, Nissan and Fiat are using online video to engage consumers and drive brand awareness.

Nissan and its agency TBWA\Chiat\Day are promoting the Versa Note, a completely redesigned car with a new exterior look and bigger interior space. The campaign, a “Door to More,” revolves around a contest for Vine and Instagram Video users. People are encouraged to do the following:

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The top three videos will be featured in an upcoming commercial as part of the major campaign launch this fall. Originally, Nissan hadn’t planned on using Instagram—but then the site released its 15-second video enhancement, and the company had to react. They pushed the campaign back a few days and incorporated Instagram’s video feature into the contest. Having already used Vine for a previous campaign, Nissan is curious to see how its consumers interact with Instagram Video. Here are some of the Vine examples Nissan posted:

Taking a different approach, Fiat via The Richards Group designed a noteworthy print ad accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video which has already gained over 300,000 YouTube views. Though Fiat is not the first automaker to use live models in its advertisements, the interesting concept has attracted a lot of attention.

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Fiat also launched another campaign entitled “Environmentally Sexy,” which includes a website and video series. The spots are directed at the California market and highlight the eco-friendly features of the Fiat 500e (their electric model).

Jason Stoicevich, head of Fiat Brand North America, says that the online component is a must, based on what happened with the brand’s “Sexy People” song, (13 million YouTube views) featuring rapper Pitbull, singer Arriana, and Charlie Sheen. The company had similar success with its Dude Perfect collaboration using Fiats in one of their perfect-shot videos.

Stoicevich knows where his viewers are, so Fiat tailors its marketing accordingly—the company has been very successful in driving online video interactions through social media: “Given that we know how our audience loves sharing content online, social media has been a great engagement channel for us,” he said.

Though both Fiat and Nissan are investing in online video marketing, their strategies are completely different. There are so many ways for advertisers to reach online consumers—take inspiration from these companies or find your own unique way to promote consumer-brand relationships online.

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