Nissan and Fiat Aren’t the Only Ones: Honda Launches Real-Time Video Marketing Campaign

As I mentioned yesterday, Nissan and Fiat are doing great things with digital marketing. Honda has followed suit by launching its new campaign in which the company responds to customer tweets with real-time Vine videos.

Tweets that include the hashtag #wantnewcar receive a Vine video response, urging customers to swap their old cars for new Hondas at the company’s summer clearance event. The videos will be uploaded the same day and will also be personalized to the consumer’s tweet: “If a user mentions needing a new car to pick up a pizza, that Vine video response may feature a Honda dealer offering a great deal … with a mouth full of pepperoni,” Susie Rossick, a senior manager at Honda, said in a statement.

Here are a few early examples:


Even other companies joined in on the fun:


With the raging battle between Vine and Instagram Video, many may wonder why Honda didn’t utilize them both in this promotion. One of the dealers has an excellent answer:

The rest of Honda’s campaign revolves around the #wantnewcar conversations. Television, print, digital and radio play will all feature either the actual Vines or take inspiration from them.

Honda is engaging in great responsive advertising. Rossick said, “We noticed an existing conversation on social media with people complaining about their car and, in turn, wanting a new car.” Reaching out to customers on Twitter with Vine videos “allows us to extend the television spots into social media while adding a personalized, real-time twist.”

Taking advantage of not only Vine but also real-time marketing, Honda has generated news buzz, conversations, and interactions with current and potential customers. They’ve added a human-element to their marketing which will help them strengthen consumer-brand relationships across the board.

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