4 Strategies You Can Use to Make the Most of the Millennial Market

There are 79 million Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, living in the United States. They represent $200 billion in spending power and will outnumber Baby Boomers in the workplace by 2030. This group spends 25 hours a week online via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Ninety-one percent of millennials are regular internet users and eighty percent engage in social media. Obviously, they have a huge online presence and to reach them, so should you.

But just being online isn’t enough to attract this highly sought after market. Millennials have been bombarded with technology and advertisements their whole life—they’re impatient and won’t hesitate to ignore any ad you push in front of them.

So how do you grab their attention and retain it? The following tips should help.

You MUST Go Digital

Millennials depend heavily on technology and electronic devices. In fact, 80% of them sleep with their phones next to their beds. They are the most technologically literate and won’t be scared away if you reach out through high-tech apps and channels— so start incorporating more tech-oriented features into your products and services. Mobile and online video are exploding; make sure you build a strong brand presence with both.

Be “Shareworthy”

Millennials spend 79% of their online time on social networks. If you want your message to reach the largest possible audience, make it “shareworthy.” Millennials are eager to share interesting, funny, inspiring content with friends and family. Think outside the box and center your campaign around a fun, wacky concept.  Take the video below, for example. Giffgaff, a mobile network run by its users, and its agency Fallon created this commercial while capitalizing on the current millennial-fueled ‘zombie trend.’ This video has around 500,000 views on YouTube and hundreds of shares on its Facebook page. The unique spin on zombies prompted conversations across multiple social networks, maximizing distribution.

Multi-Platform Use

The full three minutes of the giffgaff spot originally aired on television. But understand that 77% of the time that viewers watch TV, they are using another device simultaneously. Forty-nine percent of people are on their smartphones and 34% use their PC/laptop. This means you should be engaging in real-time marketing. Be active on social networking sites while your advertisement airs. Start conversations with viewers across multiple channels. Ultimately, connecting with consumers on so many levels will drive brand loyalty and awareness.

Tell a Story

Millennials love to be entertained whether it’s through commercials or actual programming. It’s so easy for viewers to tune out an advertisement or online video—so make sure you tell a compelling story to keep consumers engaged. The giffgaff commercial is a prime example of good storytelling. Actually, many viewers thought the spot was a promotion for an upcoming TV show. Even though they may have been disappointed to find out otherwise, they watched the commercial with interest.

Targeting millennials is a smart move for any marketer. Yes, they are more likely to tune out your message, but if you grab their attention they’ll reward you with conversations and shares, maximizing your campaign’s reach.

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