Humanized Video: Taking Brands Beyond the Bottom Line

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small local business, humanizing your brand is essential. Relating to people on a real, emotional level prompts many consumers to develop personal ties to your company. Not only does this strengthen brand loyalty, but it can also generate positive word-of-mouth advertising.

In its recent campaign, “Stay Connected,” Skype and agency Pereira & O’Dell highlight the stories of real people who use the service to stay connected with ‘family’ around the world. In the clips, separated family members pose for “impossible portraits” in a Skype projected picture. Each story is unique and touching in its own way. Skype successfully delivers the message that its service allows for a connection much deeper than cameras and laptops.



With a combined total of almost 500,000 YouTube views, this campaign is doing very well. Comments are overwhelmingly positive, many users inspired by the emotional stories. Skype has played a very active role on YouTube, sending individualized replies to fan comments. This is another example of how Skype is connecting with viewers on a personal level to establish a humanized brand image.

Of course, Skype is a big name and obviously had a sizeable budget for video production. However, humanizing your company doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Film some of your employees having fun at work, make a compelling office documentary or try following Skype’s example and interview your customers.

Another company that successfully added a human element to its marketing is Dollar Shave Club. In the commercial, CEO Michael Dubin speaks directly to customers, using humor to emphasize the benefits of his service. He’s very blunt and honest about the product his company sells and is obviously confident in it as well.

The video earned over 10 million views on YouTube and 200,000 members as a result. Take advantage of how receptive people are to advertising messages with a predominant human element to develop authentic relationships.

Companies are achieving great things with humanized marketing approaches. Give people a chance to get to know you and what you’re all about—they’ll be attracted to your honest, trustworthy approach and appreciate your company’s transparency.

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