Digital Video Ads Drive More Engagement Than TV Ads

In a recent press release cited by AOL, for achieving maximized engagement, a study found that 58% of marketers thought digital video ads performed better than TV ads.




The reason behind this digital video ad success is primarily due to targeting. Reach and content also contribute to planning a branded digital campaign, but marketers in this study cite targeting as a major component to reaching both brand awareness and engagement.

Audience targeting will be a driving force in the decision to move more dollars to digital video ads as we approach 2014. According to a previous survey conducted by AOL Networks earlier this year, three-quarters of international marketing professionals planned to increase their spending on video ads in the next year.

Although consumers are naturally resistant to any ad format through all platforms, a study shows that viewers have a stronger reaction to video ads overall. More consumers reported having a positive attitude towards ads in original streaming content (25%) than in TV programming (22%).




Targeting the right audience will be the greatest measure of success, producing the best results for marketers. To keep this winning engagement, effective story-telling and delivering comprehensive messaging while keeping an entertaining element in mind will offer consumers the most insightful brand experience. As long as the video content is gripping enough, perhaps the viewers will learn to appreciate the interruption.

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