Branded Contests Into Branded Online Videos

“More brands should be doing more branded contests.” Could it be more direct than that? In a piece entitled Turning Branded Contests into Branded Content, digital marketing expert Mitch Joel confidently states that more companies would be wise to take advantage of the limitlessly-vast platform of social media in specific regard to branded contesting. What are we talking about here exactly? Well let’s examine a few relevant precedents…

Last June, Nike marketed their new revolutionary footwear that syncs performance stats from one’s feet to one’s iPhone via a video depicting the journey of two L.A. basketball “ballers” and their interactions with Nike’s new product. They ended up at the Staples Center participating in Nike sponsored dunking contests and basketball games.

This video received almost 500,000 YouTube views and drove 241 subscriptions for the company’s channel. Nike saw a $400 million dollar revenue increase from February  to August 2012. That growth may be due in part to this experiential campaign.

More recently, adidas conducted a contest in London promoting Derrick Rose’s new shoe line. Pairs of his signature shoes were lined up on a high ledge around the room—if participants jumped high enough to reach the shoes, they could keep them. The company filmed the entire event and had the footage edited together into an epic music video of sorts.

In just a week, the video has over 300,000 YouTube views and almost 35,000 social shares. Most viewers were impressed with the video quality and amazing editing. Like I mentioned, it came off as more of a music video not a branded ad.

Both Nike and adidas took location-specific contests, filmed them and created online video marketing material. Contests not only help drive brand engagement and awareness at the actual event, but they also make for great online video content. People are more willing to share these kinds of videos because the branding is more subtle.

Take advantage of this information and drive consumer-brand interactions through contests and consequent online videos.

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