Viners Whine: The Vine and Instagram Video Showdown Begins

Currently, the big news in social media and video sharing is Facebook’s introduction of video features into its photo sharing service Instagram. This comes into the market as a direct competitor of Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app.

Since its launch in January, Vine has amassed over 13 million users. However, this is incomparable to Instagram’s 130 million monthly users. Instagram’s video feature also comes with different filters and a longer 15 second time-limit (as compared to Vine’s 6 second limit).  A #RIPVine and #TeamVine hashtag is already trending as many Viners believe Instagram’s service will quickly overshadow the Vine app.

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But not all Viners are willing to give up so easily. Some core Vine users have taken a stand against Instagram’s new addition and expressed their loyalty in six seconds or less.

Vine users may be upset, but marketers certainly are not. The extra seconds offered on Instagram allow for longer story-telling and the filters provide more creative options. Brands can also achieve continuity across platforms, using existing Instagram accounts to promote their short videos.

Companies that have created videos as part of their marketing efforts on Instagram include Nike, Michael Kors, Burberry, General Electric and the San Francisco Giants.

Though Instagram seems to have a head start in users and features, Twitter is already improving its mobile app in response. Only time will tell whether or not Instagram has what it takes to pass Vine and take the lead in the mobile video market.

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