Viewership For Mobile Video Climbs to 45 Million

First quarter numbers are showing that the mobile video audience has climbed to 45.3 million. Up 25% from last year, mobile is now the fastest growing platform for video. While TV and Web desktop are slipping slightly according to Nielsen’s latest cross-platform report of the first quater, people spent almost 5 and a half hours watching video on their mobile phone.

Not to say that tablet usage has plateaued, research shows tablet usage is catching up quickly to that of smartphones. This also suggests that the advertising budget for tablet devices is estimated to increase rapidly in the years to come. With newspapers and magazines moving articles and adding video content to these portable devices it makes sense that ad agencies are taking notice and making moves to accommodate these changes.

Senior Vice President, Insights, at Nielsen Dounia Turill stated “In the spectrum of evolving media, nothing is growing faster than the adoption of portable devices or the consumption of content on these devices.”

According to Advertiser Perceptions Inc., the advertising industry divides its digital budget between smartphones and tablets, with smartphone share being the majority at 58%. Although other research firms such as Borrell include all devices that are “Mobile Ad Capable” in their advertising estimates, everyone can agree that mobile-directed advertising will see a big increase over the next year.

API President Randy Cohen says this advertising marketplace is still looking for innovators to help organize the mobile advertising and content sites. Only 37% of small and medium businesses who had yet to try mobile advertising told the research firm that they were greatly considering it in the upcoming year. Statistics are showing these numbers will only continue to rise, so from a marketing standpoint there’s a lot space to be obtained.

Are your digital budgets reflective of this progression?

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