What Can Video Could Do For Instagram and You?

In addition to releasing its new hashtag feature this week, Facebook is hosting an event this Thursday June 20 at their headquarters in Menlo Park, California to launch a new product. Instagram, Facebook’s popular photo sharing application, is rumored to add a video feature to continue their community of sharing life experiences.

Like Twitter’s Vine, the video would be between 5 and 10 seconds in length. Since launching in January, Vine has reached over 13 million users, posting over 12 million videos on Twitter every day. With Instagram holding over 100 million users, adding a video feature could only increase popularity among both Android and iOS users. This feature would create one less app, allowing people who like to take and share pictures explore another creative outlet, making Instagram even more appealing.

This also generates another useful medium for advertisers and marketers. Although Instagram is already successful in providing a free marketing platform for brands, adding a video element could unfold numerous possibilities.

Even without ads, brands like Nike, Redbull and MTV are among the top 25 brands that devoted great efforts in Instagram as a branding platform, each having well over 500,000 followers. Adding a short video can only increase the relationship between brand and consumer.

As we all know, a video, even more so than a picture, shows your brand has a heart and can connect on a human level. And with the recent boom of web video, knowing how to reach and engage consumers through this medium will undoubtedly be an invaluable marketing avenue.

Let’s not forget shareability. The hashtag “#” by definition, provides a means of grouping words, messages or phrases together, instantly sharing whatever you have to offer with those that hashtagged the same combination of words. This way of grouping key words and topics allows you to connect your consumers as well as potential consumers to one another with your brands unique hashtag.

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the conversations that can be generated by a short video. We as humans are visual people and our obsession with social media has proven that. Creating an additional feature to this already flourishing social platform will only continue to influence conversations about our brands products and services, maximizing earned media, all the while remaining free of traditional advertising!

What will you do with your few short seconds of video?

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