Survey Says: To Maximize Audience Engagement, Online Video is the Way to Go

As ad spending continues to shift to online video campaigns worldwide, the question that comes to mind is why?

A recent survey completed by 770 global marketers from Be On, a new AOL-branded content division, contains data showing that over 80% believe audience and content targeting are the reasons online video spending continues to increase. 58% globally, stated they could achieve greater engagement and scale with online video.

Because online video can be targeted so specifically due to the independency of each individual piece of content, it only makes sense that another 84% believed the Internet is aggressively becoming a stronger brand medium.

Imagine seeding your company’s video through any and all content related to your product itself. Say you own a home improvement supplies store, what if anyone within a 20-mile radius searching YouTube for how-to home improvement videos can digest your original advertisement before the audience even hears Step One.

Knowing the best place to buy your product is equally as important as knowing how to properly do it yourself. Your video engages the customer willingly due to obvious common ground, curiosity and necessity, perhaps without a skip!

Below features Home Depot’s most popular how-to video: “How-to Tile a Bathroom Floor”

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