Pepsi Max Creates Another Viral Hit With “Bus Levitation”

In this video, British magician Dynamo by the looks of it is holding on to a double-decker bus with his right arm as he rides through the streets of London. Hundreds of pedestrians pull out their phones to capture the unbelievable moment as the bus passes by, creating a buzz and asking each other “How did he do it?”

Back in March, Pepsi Max launched a video of Jeff Gordon incognito showing up at a car dealership asking for a test drive. He begins to tell the sales man he’s never been behind a car with so much power, but as he guns it, the man quickly realizes this will be no joy ride.

With close to over 40,000,000 hits, this hilarious prank became a viral hit. Now, Pepsi Max is at it again making us wonder, is this real?

This idea of branded entertainment is to provide content worth sharing. Pepsi is generating conversations based on the mystery that is the advertisement.

In Pepsi’s first spot, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, is this guy for real? There is no way his terror could have been an act, it just seemed too genuine. We later found out the car dealership was in on the prank but the salesman was in fact not.

In this latest video, we are led to believe that this stunt is magic, leaving both real time witnesses and video viewers in awe wondering how this could be done so seamlessly. This type of earned media can only be defined by the interesting nature of the video itself.

As we know, there are common themes used by creative teams when producing a viral video, and in this particular case, Pepsi nailed the “awe inspiring appeal to human emotions” yet again.

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