With Online Videos, Keep Mobile Users In Mind

As advertisers move into the world of digital media, creating videos for online consumption, they may overlook the fact that mobile website traffic has increased 78% over the last year.

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Over 247.5 million Americans own mobile devices which they use to make up a quarter of total website traffic. There are 137.5 million smartphone owners, 95.6% of which are mobile internet users. In total, 143.8 million people use their mobile device to surf the web. Infographics from eMarketer.

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Top mobile traffic segmented by device:

  • Android: 42 percent of mobile traffic, down from 45 percent in Q1 2012
  • iPhone: 36 percent of mobile traffic, up from 29 percent in Q1 2012
  • iPad and iPad Mini: 18 percent of mobile traffic, consistent with 18 percent in Q1 2012
  • BlackBerry: two percent of mobile traffic, down from three percent in Q1 2012

Obviously, tailoring online content to mobile viewers should be a top priority for marketers. Advertisers should take advantage of online video and its exponential growth as well. Create videos with mobile users in mind—make them short and shareable. Mobile video ads that include social media sharing buttons drive 36% higher engagement and 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.

Also, ensure that text, graphics, and video subjects appear a bit larger to compensate for small mobile screens. For example, ESPN’s mobile site displays a large photo or video accompanied by large text for easy mobile viewing.

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Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain networks. Marketers should strive to make all digital media mobile user-friendly, but should also concentrate on producing mobile videos as this outlet is flooded with consumers.

When creating a marketing strategy, advertisers need to be aware of the growth in mobile internet use and tweak online content accordingly. Adapt as consumers seek information and branded content through mobile devices in order to optimize brand exposure and customer engagement.

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