Marketers Taking Advantage of Vine

How can advertisers save millions of dollars while still reaching an optimal number of consumers? Is there a way for brands to cater to people’s short attention spans? Is it possible for marketers to double the impact of online banner ads?

Luckily, the answer is yes. All of these things can be accomplished with Vine, Twitter’s video sharing service and mobile app which enables users to create and post 6 second looping videos.

Instead of spending $300,000 on a 30-second ad that many viewers skip or click past, advertisers can use this app to promote short, yet effective messages through video. The six seconds marketers have to connect with their audience is already double the amount of time consumers spend looking at banner ads, making Vine a much more effective option. The six second time limit will also force advertisers to sharpen their campaign’s message.

Things are looking bright for mobile video. Within the next five years, it’s expected to represent 66% of global mobile data traffic. Also, as of now, 87% of marketers in the United States use video content for marketing. Unsurprisingly, another well-known company is capitalizing on the popularity of digital video sharing as well: Instagram, Facebook’s photo sharing application, is rumored to add new video features to their app.

But as of now, marketers are taking advantage of Vine to give sneak peeks, humanize the brand, or demonstrate a new product/service feature. Here are a few examples of how brands are creatively using Vine.


  Some companies have even engaged users using contests through Vine. For example, in May Dunkin’ Donuts invited fans via Twitter to “Create a Vine on how DD Iced Coffee puts a spring in ur step.” The winners have yet to be announced but the grand prize is free coffee for a year. Ultimately, this and an additional contest created a spike in positive performance KPIs for the brand. Here is one of the entries:

Vine’s fun, quick and highly shareable messages are perfectly suited for Millennials. Now available on both Android and IOS devices, Vine is quickly becoming a leader in the visual content revolution that’s coming to mobile. As Twitter has shown us, less can be more when communicating with the masses—there’s no doubt that Vine’s unique features will continue to draw both consumers and advertisers into the mobile video market.

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