Heineken Continues to Use Branded Entertainment as Primary Advertising Avenue

“Voyage”, a new narrative ad campaign, is the fifth installment of the brand’s ‘Legends’ global marketing push. The focus of this branded entertainment involves following worldly, cosmopolitan men ages 18-34 as they navigate unfamiliar territories. This popular trend of nontraditional advertising has been rather successful for Heineken, releasing commercials on the web first, through their YouTube channel and Facebook before launching on television.

This particular segment follows Rikar as he struggles to navigate Alaska after being dropped by a helicopter.

The trailer foreshadows a difficult and unexpected journey for Rikar, who explains in his bio he prefers warmer weather, “not too much clothes please.” Each “dropped” documented adventure will force the protagonist to conquer his fears and discover new territories.

Each clip humorously charts Rikar’s Alaskan expedition, with the goal of finding Anchorage’s airport to get the heck out of dodge and back to Madrid as soon as possible.

With little to no instruction or direction, the traveler is left with small clues and random props such as arrows and phone booths filled with fancy attire and adequate footwear to barely aid in his journey across Alaska. After aimlessly wandering the snowy abyss, he is rescued by a stranger on a snow mobile. A meal and a warm bed fuels the traveler to continue on and after a quick wrestle with a bear, Rikar is escorted by his new friend through multiple means of transportation to where he finally reaches his homestretch, the airport.

What makes this campaign so special is its interactive proponent. Through Heineken’s YouTube channel, after watching each of the four short clips, the Dutch brewers ask their audience if they have what it takes to be dropped. This social experiment rewards men for going outside of their comfort zone.

To be the next legendary traveler you must record a brief video of your epic take on an everyday journey, upload it and tweet the link with #dropped by June 17.

Other imported alcoholic beverages such as Jagermeister have found user generated online video in their marketing campaigns to be successful, connecting with their audience using a two-way conversation, consequencing in more viewership.

Combining competition, adventure and humor is sure to resonate with the targeted audience. So if you’re interested in seeing where the next person will be dropped it’s safe to say Heineken’s marketing team is continuing to do their job well.

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