Hanes Uses Online Video Advertising to Generate Brand Awareness

Set on moving the brand forward through TV ads, social media, and online videos, Hanes chief branding officer Sidney Falken remains dedicated to innovation. Launched in early May, Hanes’ ‘Soften the Blow’ campaign (created and developed by the company’s new digital agency 360i) has already generated 8 million views.

Featuring Al Lenderson, a man obsessed with Hanes’ ComfortBlend, the four video series uses the theme of destruction to contrast the brand’s ultra-soft apparel.

Falken stated in an interview with Adweek that the company was increasing spending on social and mobile marketing as well as online video advertising. However, Falken also mentioned that Hanes would still spend big bucks on TV to reach a broader audience. Falken and the company continue to experiment with social and digital outlets, discovering new ways to connect with consumers.

Additionally, the campaign positively affected Hanes’ social media sites. The company now has over 2.7 million Facebook fans which puts them ahead of competitors like Fruit of the Loom who only has 400,000.

Ultimately focused on creating opportunities for conversations with customers, Hanes is proud of its recent progress in engaging online viewers. With the help of its digital agency and some paid media, the company successfully tapped into a previously untouched market and generated positive buzz for the brand via social media and online video advertising.

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