Biometric Tracking: Advertisers Care About Your Feelings

Facebook asks users how they’re feeling to encourage status posting. Advertisers, however, no longer have to wonder or ask how consumers feel while they’re watching branded content. Biometric tracking, available to marketers through AOL’s global branded content business Be On, determines the emotional impact video content has on viewers.

On June 14, 2013, Be On announced a worldwide partnership with Realeyes, the emotional testing platform that allows advertisers to measure how people feel and react when they view branded content. The service provided by Be On uses biometrics to capture viewers’ perceptions of content frame-by-frame before it’s released.

Advertisers have known that content with a strong emotional component has a much greater engagement and consumer response, but the science necessary to execute it did not exist. But now, a new door has opened offering advertisers direct access to the way in which content affects people emotionally.

Wide-scale biometric tracking has been made possible through common webcams on users’ PCs, tablets and smartphones. But not to worry, initially only users participating into opt-in consumer panels will be tracked.

LG is one of the first companies to use this technology with its videos “So Real It’s Scary” and its sequel. In the first clip, LG ISP Monitors trick viewers into thinking the floor is falling out from beneath them.

In the second, men believe that attractive women are watching them at the urinal. For about the first 45 seconds of the test, confusion was the dominant emotion—but after the punchline “So Real It’s Scary” appeared, happiness spiked.

Be On and Realeyes discovered that these films performed 95% better than other ads and resonated with the highly-sought after 18-34 year-old market.

This technology has not only proved to be effective but it also provides marketers with quick results—on average, it takes only 48 hours from the launch of panel testing to receive a detailed campaign analysis.

As online video advertising grows and evolves, so too must research methods designed to measure consumer response. Simple surveys and focus groups struggle to deliver credible feedback on the consumer-brand relationship. Currently, Be On’s Insights package offers advertisers the most sophisticated measurement tools in branded video in the global marketplace. Undoubtedly, as time goes on more businesses will utilize this technology to create more effective marketing campaigns that connect with consumers on an emotional level.

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