Advertisers: YouTube is the Place to Be

It seems like every week YouTube is reaching some new benchmark in social media, viewership, or ad sales—it’s practically impossible for marketers to disregard this important advertising tool. On Thursday, June 13, YouTube reached 75,000,000 likes on its Facebook page, making it the third most popular page on Facebook. To commemorate the occasion, YouTube has compiled a playlist of 20 of the public’s favorite videos.

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In the last six months, YouTube’s revenue from mobile advertising sales has tripled—largely due to the 74% increase in time spent watching YouTube videos via smartphone. As more and more marketers seek to target younger, media-savvy consumers, mobile ad revenues will only continue to rise. In fact it’s predicted that by 2017, mobile video advertising sales will hit $2.69 billion.

The site reaches more U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 34 than any cable network and boasts one billion unique users per month. One hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and 21.7% of internet users check the site on a daily basis. In one year, the total hours of video watched per month on YouTube doubled from 3 billion hours in 2012 to 6 billion hours in 2013.

A huge pool of prime target markets is immediately available to advertisers as YouTube’s popularity soars. Some companies have already capitalized on and profited from this blatant opportunity. For example, Hanes’ most recent online video campaign generated 8 million views and brought its Facebook page likes to over 2.7 million.

Another company, MillerCoors, is using YouTube to release a five episode digital series entitled “The Sub” promoting Miller64. In the videos, superstar athletes surprise unsuspecting intramural teams during game play and lead the team to victory.

In an attempt to marry the brand mission of Miller64 with memorable concepts, the company plans to release videos every two weeks until August 1. Elaine Obergfell, Miller64 marketing manager, also believes that the episodes will encourage consumers to be more active in their daily lives.

YouTube offers advertisers the chance to engage specific target markets and start conversations that lead to better consumer-brand relationships. Online video advertising is booming and any business that fails to take advantage of this outlet will miss out on creating critical connections with digital media users.


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