Why Are We More Receptive to Online Video Ads Than TV Ads?

Recently, eMarketer released new statistics on digital video usage and our receptiveness to online video ads. It shows that on average, people streaming video watch ads for 20 seconds with an average completion rate of 87%. When it comes to likeability, people who watch video ads through full-episode players prefer the ad over 10% more than ads watched through television both broadcast and cable.

With over 58% of the U.S population streaming online video, digital video presents a big opportunity for marketers, given this noted perceptiveness to ads. But why do online ads have a greater impact? The answer is: choice. Many a times after an ad is played they’ll be an interactive question stating, “Was this ad relevant to you?” If you say no, next break you’ll get a brand new ad targeted to better suit your needs.

When it comes to television, and a commercial break occurs, we either immediately change the channel, scatter to the bathroom, get a snack or fast-forward with the glorious invention of DVR. No interaction with the content whatsoever, it is attempted to be entirely ignored. Let’s not forget that the average television commercial break is about 2 minutes, whereas an online video ad can be as short as 10 seconds.

Since the Internet allows us all to communicate live, it might be time for brands to start thinking about producing content that will make people choose to view it. These numbers are only forecasted to grow, potentially creating video ad space the general public will enjoy, along with the freedom and accessibility of watching their favorite programs.

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