Why Haven’t You Made A Video Yet?

It’s well into 2013. With free mobile applications like Vine exploding into social sharing and YouTube being the second biggest search engine, it goes without saying that video is where it’s at right now.

182 million Americans viewed approximately 38.8 million videos last month online according to the latest comScore report and with smashing hits like Netflix’s “House of Cards” taking online viewership by storm, I can’t see video going anywhere but up.

So what’s your brand doing? Are you utilizing these opportunities for advertising? Video content is constantly being consumed through various outlets at our very fingertips at any given moment. Have you strategized ways to use these environments to create your own original brand experience?

In April, Samsung was named Video Marketer of the year by Adage after appearing 40 times on the Viral Video Chart, taking the reigns as Viral Brand of the year. Other awards included Best Video for a Product You Can’t Buy won by Google Glass, Best Viral Stunt with television network TNT’s launch in Belgium, and of course The Most Watched Campaign, won by none other than Red Bull: Stratos, also topping other records including the most watched live event ever on YouTube. The stunt was content gold combining extreme sports, live streaming and branded entertainment.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, likely customers are 72% more likely to buy a product based on video alone, and their decision is also made faster.

What’s your excuse for not developing some sort of video content for your brand? It’s not just keeping up with the Jones’s, it’s the livelihood of your business, and a way to cost effectively produce advertising content that is not only promoting your brand but digested in a way that is unforgettable and interchangeable.

A video showcases your product in action, something a piece of paper can never do. Highlighting what makes your brand so unique can be done most simply and creatively with video, it’s about the story and people are listening. So pick up one of the many video recording devices readily available and get to filming, what are you waiting for?

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