YouTube’s Dance Lifestyle Channel DS2DIO Launches Video For Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, YouTube’s Dance Lifestyle Channel DS2DIO (pronounced D-studio) has launched ‘A Dance to the Music of Earth’ video featuring actual sounds of our planet and elegant movements from the human body.

Released back in October by NASA, the sounds of the earth “singing” is actually an audio rendering of radio waves captured and caused by two Van Allen belts both inner and outer. This so called “chorus”, may sound like whale calls mixed with crickets but combined with the genius of television and movie theme composer Kerry Muzzey, a beautiful song was created and brought to life by members of DS2DIO, resulting in a very creative online video.

The video begins by allowing us to hear the raw audio of the earth speaking, slowly these strange sounds transgress into a symphony, depicting DS2DIO move in slow motion, perfectly in harmony with the song, creating a vision in celebration of the earth.

Taken from a viral video of a speech made by environmental activist Severn Suzuki at the young age of 12, the video features her audio pleading those listening to take appropriate action to protect our Earth at the UN Earth Summit of 1992.

Young Suzuki said:
“I have dreamt of seeing great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterflies. But now I wonder if they will even exist, for my children to see, I am only a child yet I know that we are all in this together, and should act as one single world, towards one single goal”

What a great way to remind us today and all days how imperative it is to take care of our Earth. Suzuki spoke these words of wisdom over 20 years ago and this video has brought it back to life through science, music, dance and art.

With over 200,000 YouTube subscribers, DS2DIO was able to reach out to many people with this moving video.

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