Yahoo Grabs Classic ‘S.N.L’ Clips From Competitors

On Wednesday Yahoo announced that it now has exclusive rights to classic clips from 1975 through 2012. Original hosts Hulu and will relinquish all clips come September. Owner of the “S.N.L” archive, Broadway Video, hopes to gain profit from these timeless shorts by making this new deal with Yahoo, who wants to share in the hype the show creates.

With portable video consumption reaching an all time high, digital video advertising prominence increases as well. Having such eternal comedy as content, Yahoo hopes to add some girth to their already existing content.

New York Times Brian Stelter said that Yahoo wanted the television magic that S.N.L represents, as it attempts a comeback with new CEO Marissa Mayer. Video content is of a big importance because video ads lucrative on the web. The turn around is a lot higher than banner ads, creating more engagement and Yahoo wanted to increase their inventory of video.

Although TV is still the original video advertising medium, we are starting to see some cross-pollination. The New York Times also featured a quote from competitor Netflix stating “While Internet TV is only a very small percent of video viewing today, we think it will grow every year,” it said, citing faster Internet speeds, sales of Internet-connected TV sets, improvements to TV apps and the possibilities for personalized online video ads. The competition for Internet TV viewing, it concluded, “is just beginning.”

“More Cowbell” is probably one of the most famous ‘S.N.L’ skits that Yahoo will now host.

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