Comedy Central Brings Funny Videos to Your Phone

Coming this summer, one of televisions funniest channels will bring their stand-up routines to your cell phone. Using the new Comedy Central’s CC: Stand-Up app you can stream your favorite comedians through this new video encyclopedia, featuring regularly updated content to satisfy any funny bone.

Just like Yahoo did with SNL, Comedy Central is trying to capture the same type of experience for consumers to enjoy while cashing in on potential ad dollars. Media companies are using video assets as a means to captivate audiences and show them video ads.

The clips on CC: Stand-Up are also rolling out on iOS, Xbox Live as well as the companies website (with Android support to come) with the same type of quality that you would see on the television channel itself.

The relationship between Comedy Central and online video is certainly not a new fling; brash comedian Daniel Tosh has dominated ratings and won the networks most popular show completely built around web videos. Let’s not forget that our favorite 20-somethings in Workaholics began as a few friends fooling around with a Web series filmed in a rented house in Los Angeles. Comedian Amy Schumer’s new show airing this week is also a consequence of a CC Studios-produced Web series.

With Comedy Central’s target audience being young men it’s a no brainer that the next logical step would be to take these standup specials to where the audience is—online. And by providing a new discovery type of service for stand up videos with ad-supported players there’s no doubt that the network will profit from consistently being fed “if you thought this was funny you might enjoy…”

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