Watch in Awe As Dyson Vacuum Destroys Blazing Fire

The Dyson vacuum has been sucking up messes since 1993, and now thanks to the YouTube channel of “Photonicinduction” we are shown that this beast of a vacuum is capable of tackling the most dangerous mess of all—fire.

This video shows a bold, slightly idiotic duo pouring tubs of gasoline onto what looks to be a backyard pavement, and then setting it on fire. With no hesitation the daring tester uses the vacuum to suck up the flame in its entirety as if it were dust on a carpet.

This isn’t the first time a video has gone viral by taking a simple product and doing something wildly outlandish and unique with it.

OK Go teamed up with Chevrolet for their Needing/Getting- Official Video—where they basically turned your average car into an instrument, powerfully displaying music in a way any average person could never dream of creating.

Not only did OK Go craft yet another distinctive video, they incorporated a product exercising a completely different element that what it had commonly been used for.

Both videos took an otherwise standard product made to use in an appropriate specific way, and turned it into an entirely different entity, creatively exploring new possibilities in which the product can be used.

Viral videos go so far because we’re learning something new, the video sparks our attention in an unforced natural way by means of in this particular case—experimentation. You recognized the popularity of Dyson, but you never knew the undeniable strength of this machine until it was put in such a dramatic situation.

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