Video Ads Reached All-Time High in February 2013

Advertising dollars are pouring into video advertising, and by recent statistics, with much avail. U.S consumers spent 3.8 billion minutes streaming video ads this past February, and we can assume these dollars were well spent. comScore cites that consumers viewed almost 10 billion video ads, reaching more than 50% of the total U.S population, meaning 178 million Americans watched 33 billion online content videos.

Even Facebook is preparing to introduce video ads into users’ News Feeds–completely revolutionizing the structure of the video advertising environment. Vevo too is giving advertisers a chance to sponsor programming blocks across all outlets rather than individual videos with their new multi-platform programming plan to showcase the latest music and entertainment happenings.

Recognizing this growing segment in online advertising, in-stream video ads have massive potential for reaching target audiences. Since branding is all about telling a story, video ads work particularly well because they convey messages in a memorable way. With so much time spent online, consumers now have a direct route to a brand’s website to learn more about the company, find a store, download a coupon or make a purchase.

With social networking sites giving an additional facilitation, it’s only natural that the consumption of online video will continue to increase. Viral Marketing by word of mouth has now evolved into the maximization of earned media, still representing conversation, but seeding it faster while remaining organic. What are your predictions for next month?

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