Jägermeister Taps User-Generated Online Video in Marketing Campaign

The #1 imported liquor in the United States Jägermeister has created a social responsibility campaign and consumer competition–“A Brother in Your Corner” with world-renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach. Challenging fans to share the “Jager Code” of having “A Brother in Your Corner” while drinking, Freddie Roach shares his story about being there for his fighters both in and out of the ring. Despite how hard it may be, knowing when to call a fight or walk away from a round is just as tough as knowing when you’ve had enough to drink and that’s the kind of brotherhood Jägermeister is promoting through this new competition.

By making a video and sharing your story through the JagerUSA Facebook page of how you live by the “Jager Code”, you get a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Vegas with 3 friends where you will receive a private training session from Roach himself, boxing tickets, dinner with the boxing great and VIP access to the weekend’s most exclusive party. Combining popular vote and one Jägermeister-chosen wildcard each week, the chosen grand prize winner of the ultimate weekend in Vegas will be hand-selected by Freddie Roach and announced the week of April 21st.

This certainly isn’t the first company to have user-generated videos to market a featured campaign. Heavily relying on social media as part of marketing efforts has been a consistent and growing trend that allows a brand to let the consumer take the reins, providing a more interactive way to connect with the audience, consequencing in more viewership and sharing—without paying for it. Doritos’s for example, invited fans to create their own commercials for the opportunity to have their commercial shown during the Superbowl (and a $1 million prize). The campaign garnered more than 2,000 video submissions, resulting in two million votes cast to determine the contest winner, and more than one billion impressions in all. The takeaway here is that while Doritos had the financial ability to create their own commercial, they gave the reins to their consumers and left the promotion of their brand in the hands of their fans. Resulting in a hilarious commercial, this year’s video has over 2 million views.

By sharing stories of ‘brotherhood’–one of the foremost social components of the brand, Jäger hopes to connect their fans by means of user generated online video in addition to a grand prize. Freddie Roach says, “Jägermeister’s ‘A Brother in Your Corner’ competition challenges everyone to step up and show how strong their bonds are within their brotherhoods. While this topic may be a bit more serious than animals eating chips, facilitating a two-way conversation collaborating a brand with their consumer positively may be more effective than the aggressive run-of-the-mill advertising suggesting you to drink responsibly.

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