“Explain Like I’m Five” – YouTube Introduces New Series Via Reddit

Today Reddit unveiled a new series in which they explain concepts to actual five- year-olds, in a manner much like the original sub-reddit, where simple layman-friendly answers are given to questions asked freely without fear of judgment.

The YouTube funded series encourages Reddit users to create their own video content, a growing trend many social and informational news sources are turning to. General Manager Erik Martin hopes that, “this primes the pump for more original content fueled by Reddit, not just direct repackaging. We like the idea of going off on a different tangent on something you can only do on video.”

Three episodes have been posted so far, explaining to children in a classroom setting topics about “Existentialism and Friedrich Nietzsche”, “The Crisis in Syria” and “The Volatility of the Stock Market”.

Martin hopes to expand the series and gain more buzz with an all-ages audience, suggesting other fun sub-reddits such as, ‘Cooking like I’m Five’.

Online video has become a very popular marketing technique, and YouTube videos in particular produce high rankings in Google, not to mention allowing easy access from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, giving companies a chance to reach a whole lot more customers they wouldn’t normally. Combined with the potential of the video going viral, it’s almost a no brainer.

The site is also teaming up with DonorChoose.org to provide the next generation of kids with fresh, educational resources, and supporting low-income elementary school students.

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