Business, Tech and Economic News Websites Remark on the Power of Going Viral

Prominent news websites like Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal have recently posted articles remarking on the power of going viral, a successful trend that is difficult to ignore.

As the television ad market continues to noticeably decline, more companies are starting to entertain the idea of moving their money towards online video marketing.

“Both broadcast and cable television are facing more intense competition from online media, including Web video outlets”, said in last week’s article in The Wall Street Journal.

But how and why is this ever-growing form of marketing flourishing?

Business Insider recently interviewed Marketing Professor Jonah Berger about his new book “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”, where he explains that there is indeed a science behind it—to make something go viral you need to focus on the message itself. In this interview he reiterates the fact that we no longer respond to advertisements anymore (did we ever?) we listen to our peers.

In this book Berger combines a decade of research with real life success stories. He believes principals like social currency, our connection to community providing social status and recognition, to be a driving force in what goes viral. We love to share remarkable things to each other because it displays our knowledge of what’s going on in culture.

While the marketing industry fully recognizes that peer recommendations hold the power over purchasing decisions, these recommendations are being passed digitally rather than verbally, and finally, major news publications are beginning to catch on.

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