Brands Prepare for April Fools’ with Online Video

With the first of April rapidly approaching, many marketers this past week have been launching online advertising videos promoting somewhat questionable new products. Brands have a history of using this day for generating earned media buzz and it seems this year they haven’t skipped a beat.

Last week, American Eagle released an online video ad promoting limited edition “Skinny Skinny Jeans”, which after visiting the website, shows you that the jeans are in fact two different color spray paint cans. While the video is practically believable at first glace, with smiley teens showcasing individuality through inspired creation, you soon realize that their obsession on the skinny fit is really just a coat of paint covering the bottom half of each person ever so tightly.

On Wednesday, Scope shared an online video flaunting their new bacon flavored mouthwash. Abiding the obsession with bacon flavored everything products, we are left to wonder, is it real? In the video, Scope triumphantly recognizes and praises the importance of the flavor, while remaining completely ignorant to the fact of its obvious contradictory purpose.

Since we can’t find either of these products online or in the real world it’s safe to assume these brands are just pulling our leg, no? Perhaps leading us into each prank by means of online video advertising is just a foreshadowing of something bigger? I guess we’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out…

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