More Artists Asking Listeners to Fuel Content for Music Videos Through Social Media

We live in an era where technology allows us to connect with all walks of life at any given moment. Social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram open the doors to the lives of people we don’t even know, using labels like “hashtags” to group topics, phrases and trends to connect people all over the world. The #hashtag might be the world’s most awesome bridge ever created to cross over between the thoughts of strangers and friends and it’s giving us all the opportunity to connect based on commonalities.

Last week Demi Lovato challenged her fans to Tweet words from her latest hit “Heart Attack” along with “#UnlockHeartAttack”. The hashtag quickly became a trending topic worldwide and remained so until she unleashed the lyric video Friday afternoon.

Her initial Tweet asking fans to participate included a link displaying the number of times each word had been tweeted. Hundreds of trending topics were created through this challenge connecting over 12 million of her followers.

As the recent development of Billboard’s new inclusion of YouTube views in their charts, we can fathom the power of a viral video. Record labels are finding new and creative ways to connect their artists and fans together to maximize exposure. Last summer English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding enlisted the help of her smartphone-wielding fans to create the debut music video for her upcoming album. The clip for “Anything Could Happen” features 1,200 Instagram photos submitted by Goulding’s fans, creating almost 900,00 hits on YouTube. The singer asked for filtered snapshots representing a word or lyric from the song. The images were then stitched together to create a beautiful captivating video.

This type of free, generated fan involvement before the launch of a video gives an artist a lot of buzz and anticipation. Combined with social sharing on a global level once the video is released, online video advertising has a much larger potential audience than just announcing a release through the press.

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