Viral Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Social Sharing

Are you up to par with the latest marketing trends? Have you taken advantage of our fixation with technology to benefit your brand organically?

Through the access of endless portable technologies connecting all people, consumer attention is rapidly moving away from traditional print media, television and radio—and directly into the palm of your hand. If consumers are spending what statistics show as 10% of their time on mobile devices, and advertising continues to spend the bulk of their money on outdated media outlets, where even less time is spent, how will you adapt to maximize your reach to your target audience?

Why not grab your audiences’ attention through an outlet they can immediately react, respond and reiterate to friends, family or unwanted snooper looking over their shoulder. Consumers will always trust suggestions and reviews by friends, social connections and even strangers over advertising. Social Media has created an abundant opportunity for organizations to connect with, and influence conversations about their brand, products, and services.

With social networking sites facilitating a major and consistent form of communication, it is only natural for consumers to connect over products and companies they love. Viral Marketing by word of mouth has now evolved into the maximization of earned media, still representing conversation, but seeding it faster while remaining organic. What better way to get people talking than to make an online video. It’s quick, instant gratification, period. No jingle jangle lyrics, just pure penetration that spreads, viral. Remedy? I don’t think you want one!

Remember the cliché a picture paints a thousand words? Well it operates on the premise that humans are very visual creatures; if one photo instills a thousand words imagine the many messages a single video can send. The gift of sharing’s success in viral marketing happens when people share things without getting paid to do it. As long as it is creative enough, it has every possibility to emerge as viral advertising.

With companies like Red Bull creating daring, branded entertainment that reached over 30 million views with over 700,000 social behaviors, we expect more marketers will consider this type of forward thinking to traditional advertising. As these traditional ads continue to be muted, skipped or otherwise completely ignored, an unforgettable viral video provoking any sort of emotional connection is a way to make your consumer thoroughly captivated without even realizing they’re watching an ad.

There is no cure for going VIRAL! It’s the most efficient infiltration of marketing yet to be seen, heard and felt. Are you ready to most effectively crack the fast pace of socialized media to stun and capture your consumer audience?

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