Viral Videos Form an Emotional Connection Between Brand and Consumer

Our team has been speaking about this concept internally a great deal recently. Does the title of this editorial sound like a love story? The thesis of this editorial happens to be a love story between brand and consumer.

I propose that Viral Videos have a greater emotional imprint on your consumer than a traditional video advertisement. A Viral Video shows your brand has a heart and can connect on the human level. I have noticed this trend increasing in 2012 and would like to highlight a few examples.

Google Chrome: Lady Gaga

You may have seen this one featured in our latest Top 5 Branded Viral Videos feature. I want to take it a step further and explore on how Google Chrome connected with consumers in this Viral Video.

Younger age groups are especially impressionable and susceptible to branding especially when mixed with an emotional appeal. See the sample comments below and you will understand what I mean.

Imagine for a moment: those who commented are speaking on behalf of the other 6 million viewers. The Viral Video leverages a pop star with a large following and the positive emotions generated are projected onto the Google Chrome brand. These users may not switch their browser immediately, but their brain’s circuitry will always remember the positive emotions the brand generated.

Lady Gaga recently made news by becoming the first Twitter user to 25 million followers. In a tribal sense, Google Chrome’s Viral Video achieves the greatest possible reach into the female teenage market.

Perhaps a brand does not have a major budget to hire one of the world’s biggest musicians. Let’s dive into another example where Getty Images uses their internal assets to tell the story of an entire life cycle.

Getty Images: From Love to Bingo

Because the video takes us through an entire life cycle, it emotionally appeals to all age groups. It starts with love, transitions to marriage, sex, intercourse, orgasm, conception, sperm reaching the egg, birth, infancy, childhood, family life, growing old and gray, to playing bingo. All of this in one minute.

Humanity can feel an emotional connection to one or all of the images in this one minute montage. Getty’s agency AlmapBBDO struck the right chords with this Viral Video.

We enjoy taking a polymathic approach to our own industry. We aim to combine psychology, anthropology, and marketing to better understand how to reach and engage consumers in the digital age on the video medium. We intend to give your brand a winning formula based on this understanding.

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