Samsung Leverages the Viral Video Culture

I went to check Visible Measures’ Viral Video power rankings today and noticed there is a new kingpin to kick off June. It is none other than Korean electronics brand Samsung. The brand has truly been embracing Viral Videos as a go-to form of marketing for product launches and doing a very good job at it.

In their latest promotion for their Smart TV, the brand combines classic marketing tactics with new school surprises. Samsung hit on all cylinders by appealing to the consumers who enjoy branded content.

Watch carefully for plenty of surprises in the 99 second clip.

The creative takes a classic sex sells approach. A seductive siren lures an entire block of men in the city. They race to find her first and find she lives in Room #69. It turns out her “mating call” is her making commands to her motion sensor television known as the Samsung Smart TV.

The sublime innuendo is supplemented with a surprise appearance by Isaiah Mustafa – the Old Spice Man. He enters the fray of suitors in an attempt to woo the bachelorette. It is a well known fact that Old Spice Man is an iconic figure in the world of Viral Videos. The comments on the video appear to love the surprise of the cameo as much as the video itself.

With a further analysis of the conversation around Samsung’s latest Viral Video you will find that Danny DeVito has been identified as the pizza man at the end. The consumers of new are more enthralled by the appearance of the Old Spice Man compared a 2-time Golden Globe nominee. What’s up with that?

I propose we are seeing the birth and infantile stages of a Viral Video Culture. Younger consumers especially are forming a tribal following around this new culture. The speculation is good news for brands because this is the nexus where consumers actually enjoy being marketed to. In a world full of intrusive advertising consumers enjoy a Viral Video for the value of the content.

Kudos and congratulations to Samsung and other brands embracing this emerging medium.

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